So I think I was raped last night….
Or sexually assaulted. I was hooking up with this guy I regularly hook up with since the break up, but I’m not really into him and just kinda want him to satisfy me u know?
So we were having sex like usual…. But then he turned me around and began penetrating me from behind “doggy style.” He kept going.

Not ONCE did he ask if it was ok to change positions. What should I do??! I don’t want him to hate me because I have a crush on his hot friend, but rape is not ok. I let him continue and we both came, but it’s natural to have sensations even when raped. I can’t even think straight anymore idk what to do. Thinking about posting his Facebook here.

I know what you’re going through. I was once raped too. We started fucking to Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon, but then the laptop started playing Simon and Garfunkel. I had no say in the change of music. I only consented to sex while Pink Floyd was playing. I was not ONCE asked if I still consented to sex with Simon and Garfunkel in the background. Now every time I hear The Sound of Silence I weep uncontrollably and compulsively hum carnival music.